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Beauty Blanco


Talk about of Bella Blanco is talking about sensuality, beauty and discretion, you’ll be seduced by her expressive eyes that achieved convey tranquility and confidence, but also reveals what naughty she can to be in bed. His clients have called the Mexican kisser for their big pouting lips as also their secret form of French kissing. Bella Blanco is considered the beauty of the Mexican ambassador in London, by the natural beauty, her skin very smooth and natural body without taking hormones.

La Mexicana is sensual and playful knows how to have fun in every way and you will be addicted to her 7.5 inch candy for you enjoy.

Bella likes to keep your secrets and isn’t opportunistic, its simplicity has made characters of artistic means, famous people and entrepreneurs have been looking for her services

… Bella La Mexicana … makes no distinction between people and she is available for generous gentlemen who want to have a good time and in the end you will have a smile on your face.

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