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   £80 half hour, 120 hour

I offer the sensual beauty of a long legged, vibrant girl with the wonderful addition of a beautiful, big and very, very functional, cum-shooting cock. Beautifully smooth, dusky skin, luscious lips and an ass to die for just add to the gifts.

I can stir up your emotions like a sandstorm in a desert until you are stumbling blind for shelter and the only place to rest is in my arms or between my legs. But will I give you the shelter and the succour you need. Sometimes I am a tender nurse to the soul and will open myself to you, offering the respite and comfort you need. Sometimes I am the Queen Bitch who will mercilessly drag you through the storm until your soul is shredded and you can never be the same again.

You may leave me when we’re finished but a part of you will always be mine, will always remain with me, will always bear the scar of me inside your memories and cut into your heart.

Sex is my speciality. I love all aspects of sex. I love all the acts of sex and the power it brings me. To be able to bring such joy through wonderful sex is my greatest purpose and my greatest pleasure in life. I love the variety and the theatre of sex and will always provide true happiness through sex. It doesn’t matter if I am above, below or at your side. I am fully versatile and can easily switch from dominant to submissive or somewhere inbetween to find what makes the experience the most beautiful for you. I have a slight preference for the dominant top but variety is always a wonderful spice. It doesn’t matter if I make you purr or make you squeal. It doesn’t matter if I call you bitch and make you crawl to me or I call you daddy and curl up on your lap. Whatever the adventure the result will always be the same when you are with Miranda. Happiness. Pure, unadulterated, wonderful joy through the emotional, spiritual and very, very physical sexual journey that you will take with me.

I respect myself and only ever play safe and I expect any man I meet to understand and respect that also. I offer the opportunity for you to be your true sexual self for as long as you are with me. My place is safe and clean and easy to find. Parking is free and adjacent and public transport links are excellent. Poppers and shower facilities are always available.

If you want the girlfriend experience then tell me and you can be my boyfriend, husband, or whatever role suits your desires. Are you coming home from work and you need to be loved? Are you returning from a long trip away and need to use me selfishly? Are you a wicked uncle calling on his dirty neice to take advantage of her? It’s up to you and all you have to do is tell me where your dreams lead you and I’ll meet you there.

If you want the dungeon experience then I can show you that you don’t need a dank, cellar or iron chains to feel everything you need. Bound and tied, taken to the rough edges and dark corners, tested, used and abused. Perhaps I’ll dress you first to make you feel a special kind of submission before teaching you the lessons you seek to learn. The dungeon will exist in your mind and you will learn not to pray for release but to beg for more. Tell me your fantasies and let’s test them together.

Perhaps you are after the oral challenges. Straddling your face, I can cover you with my cheeks pulled apart and you will know only me – all you can see, all you can hear, all you can smell, all you can feel and all you can taste will be me. Your universe consists only of me and your only purpose in life is to use your mouth to bring me pleasure. And perhaps if you do well, as a reward you can test yourself with the second challenge. Can you take all of me into your mouth when I’m hard and heavy? Do you have the skills to press your lips against my body while I fill your mouth and throat and take your breath away? Can you please me enough to fill you with my rich and thick and heavy cream? Are you skilled enough for that reward as well? We will see. Are you ready to be tested?

If you are worried that you may not be able to take me inside you, have no fear. Many have cried but all have found that I fit just right. If you are a first timer and are worried that you don’t know your own desires, have no fear. I can take your hand and guide you through these dark emotions to the place you need to be. You will always leave me as a better man.

Whatever your desires, tell me and take the first step to making fantasies come true, dreams become reality and yearnings become fulfilled.

There are many testimonials and praise that you can read from previous and returning men who were once wondering, like you, whether to call Miranda. They discovered just as you will that Heaven is only a phone call away.

I accommodate in central Twickenham TW1. A short walk from the train station with free and easy parking very close by.



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