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Updated 26th October 2016



‘Back on here again after a long break, due to timewasters setting up meetings and then not even turning up, met some really nice people on here in the past,so back on to make friends, who knows may even meet, am a fun loving black male, who gets on with everyone, I can be your friend, lover, agony uncle or all 3, I don’t bite (unless you want me to )hate racist, sexist, arrogant, jealous people, life is just too short so get a bloody life and chill out.’

♥♥♥ Do you seek any of the following?

@@@ Award Winning TV Escort.

@@@ Be re-assured by over eighty reviews shared by other clients.

@@@ Confidentiality assured.

@@@ Does not mislead you with false images or stats.

@@@ Excite Me!

@@@ Feel safe in a very safe clean and well appointed setting.

@@@ Get me away from mechanical sex.

@@@ Help me to overcome my ‘First Time’ nerves without making me feel in-adequate.

@@@ I desire a TV escort that can be trusted  and meet again.

@@@ Just deliver what I desire is that too much to ask?

@@@ Keep me from shooting my load too soon.

@@@ Look beyond my disability and treat me like any able bodied client.

@@@ Make my day and find me a TV escort that is honest about what she can offer.

@@@ No more feeling let down and short changed – if I pay for three hours – I want THREE hours.

@@@ Offers me what I am unable to experience with my partner.

@@@ Please push my boundaries and take me to exciting new levels of sexual experience.

@@@ Quality Professional Escort that will deliver what you really want.

@@@ Re-assure and help give me more confidence.

@@@ Someone that can articulate more than just a basic conversation.

@@@ Three way option with two TV escorts would be great when I am feeling adventurous.

@@@ Ultimately I am seeking a professional TV escort that I can trust and meet with some regularity.

@@@ Vanilla flavour sex sometimes, but also on occasion I may desire other flavours.

@@@ Will deliver a unique experience I will never forget – for the right reasons.

@@@ X rated porn showing during the session would be a bonus and help keep me horny.

@@@ Yummy down on the TV escorts cock and swallow his cum without restriction.

@@@ zab (Slang word for the penis ) that can stay hard for the duration

Your search is over! There really is only ONE Micheladawhore.

♥♥♥ ‘There is only ONE Micheladawhore’ – Award Winning TV Male Escort 12 Years Experience – Available: London – UK – Europe – International – Distance Need Not Be An Issue!

07767 071787 & 0207 732 4509 micheladawhore@gmail.com

♥♥♥ 1st Timers – All Ages ( 18+ ) – From Nervous/Novice/Virgin to Experienced – Any Sexuality – Gender – Fetish – Fantasy – Size – Disability – Learning Difficulty – Self Confidence or Weight Issues – Without Fear Of Rejection – You Are All Welcome!


First Time Nerves or anal virgin? I could not put this better myself:

‘I’m a little nervous and will be a bit shy at first… but I know you’re going to be experienced and you know what you want so you will make me feel at ease and comfortable.’

‘I am very inexperienced and worry that you will be very disappointed’

This is NOT ‘Britain’s Got The Best Client with Talent.’

Your experience status is a TOTAL NON ISSUE – PERIOD.

Why pay £150>£300 an hr when you can have an Award Winning Escort with Eleven years experience for just £100 an hour? If you doubt my word about £300 check out: http://www.blackmanatplay.com/  ( 8 inches, £200: 30 mins, £300: 1hr, £600: dinner date, £1500: o/n £2000: 24hrs + 15% if you pay by card ).

Rates have increased 50 to 200%+ in the last 2 years, why? I have no idea, you tell me, is the economy now booming again, have YOU suddenly got more money to spend?

Rates:1HR £100,2HR £180, then £70hr ( could you last 3hrs with me? ) – OUT calls plus at cost travel expenses.

Overnight or Daytime Session options £550 = 8hrs then £70hr or £800 = 12hrs of ACTION! Then £60hr 24HRS+ Negotiable.

Sleepover Option: Session Min 3hrs then for just an additional £100 you can double bed share with me ( I always sleep naked ) after the session until the morning.

Dinner/Theatre/Non Sexual Dates, up to 3hrs: £150 then £50hr.

AVAILABLE 24/7 London SE15 3HQ Nunhead – Zone 2 – 14 mins from Victoria – 11 Mins from Elephant & Castle – Free parking option – my large ( 7.5 inches thick n juicy uncut ) double bedroom the walls adorned with hot homo-art – 46″ flat screen with a choice of 2000+ porn movies – toys – sling – ALL optional – shower – bath – refreshments.

STATS: 58yo H 6’ W 32”  CH 38” Weight 10.75 stone 68kg Foot 9.5 Build Slim & defined Cock 7.5 inches thick juicy & uncut.

‘OUT’ calls your place – sauna – sex cinema – cruise clubs – UK & Europe & International.

Versatile in EVERY way I will only offer what YOU seek – from HOTMAN2TVCUMFUNSEX ( I love to MAKE Love! ) right through to full on fetish which includes FF – Both ways – Find another escort that will be fisted – Yes I am UNIQUE ‘There Is Only ONE Michela.’

NEED ‘PREP’ TIME? Note: This will NOT be deducted from the booked session time. If you need to shower and/or douche on arrival that’s OK – I may even rub your back if you wish! There are plenty of towels, bathrobes, slippers available.

Please don’t feel shy about asking to use the douche! and IF you have never used one before I will have no issue in showing you how it is used.

My status: HIV Negative & STI Free. I don’t offer BB, So DON’T ask!!

IF you are HIV positive – so long as you respect MY boundaries there will be no issues – unprotected oral, rimming and EXTERNAL cum are OK!

YOU are the customer entering MY UNIQUE shop – It’s about what YOU seek. Stay within your comfort zone, or have your boundaries pushed. Curious to try New & Exciting experiences, It’s up to YOU!

Want to view more of Michela? go to http://www.shemale4u.nl  then search for micheladawhore

OR:  https://www.shemale4u.nl/escort/54536/Micheladawhore/

For the real deal just pick up that phone! 07767 071787  & 0207 732 4509 micheladawhore@gmail.com

With-held/Blocked numbers AND texts will be IGNORED.

Privacy Issues will be respected! If they apply when you call please make this clear.

I’m a professional escort and I do not do free meets. If I receive any messages that do not relate to discussing your requirements or arranging a booking I will NOT respond. I don’t intend to offend but I have a head for business and, of course, a body for sin…




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