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Eli Doll


A succubus possesed me at an early age, and I have never been the same! I have become a merciless, yet innocent looking girl, who just wants to seduce and use you… Indulge into your deepest, ,most submissive and humiliating fantasies at my hands and feet! Let me accompany you in your darkest dreams! Experience what “submitting” really means!!!
Text me if you believe you are worthy and maybe we will meet!

I reside 10 Minutes walk from Forest Gate station.

I’ve got:

Small, but all natural, hormonal breasts.

Unreliable endowment due to hormones, but who needs it anyway, when I got yours to play with! <3

Hands that know tricks that may surprise you!

Oral fixation, which, I hope will not be too much for you to handle, and

An imagination, that has porn experience of decades!!!

Submit at your own risk!

I will always remain innocent from the outlook, but kinky at heart, and that is how you will get to see me!

My biggest fetish is teasing and denying guys, while they crave that one full orgasm…. and never actually giving it! However there is an option out. Text me for further details.

I love fulfilling various sexual fantasies(only if I am the top), so if you have a secret one, that you always wanted to try – just text it to me on 07477966238 and you never know, it just might come true!

AVAILABILITY:           Thursday-Friday.

Text to arrange a call. Don’t call without texting first(I have already blocked so many numbers! :D ) 

PS Dominant guys, please don’t waste your or my time. I appreciate you and I hope that you will respect me. I will never submit to you and if you feel that you will never submit to me – we should just let each other be. :)

£150/h, +£100/h afterwards.

all-night/day calls available by request.

Your Succubus,