The Team at Ineedescort will try to answer and solve any problems as soon as possible. In most of the cases it is less than 24 hours.


  • If some advert is dodgy, dishonest, misleading, or fake -It will be deleted.
  • Listings that advertise directly escort agency will be deleted !
  • Fake profiles and listing will be deleted!
  • If I see that you are not genuine – you will be deleted !
  • If I see advert with 070 or other premium phone number – it will be deleted

If you have noticed or are aware of a advert that is breaching the law, is dishonest, fake or inappropriate – please report it to us – It will be deleted straight away

To add your advert :

Register first and then :


 The advert will be pending, I will approve it as soon as possible and it will go live.

1. Here is allowed to put your phone number  and your website in your adverts  – it is up to you.

2. If you put a backlink to our website (text link, or banner) your adverts and requests will be with priority in front of the others.

3. When you write your advert – Be more specific – ads with one or two sentences is not good.

4. In tags section you can write most common keywords, which will help the visitors /possible customers/ to find you easier, and Google to index your advert better.

For example tags could be : Shemale, TS, TV, Escort, London, asian, black, active, passive, versalite and so on… Please, when you write TAGS, separate them with coma (,).

5. If you are an agency : Please be aware that in the adverts you need to describe the the girl, not only your agency. If you do not follow this your advert could be DELETED !

6. You can add available today (for the next 12 hours) to your advert. Login to your account -> My listings  -> EDIT your advert, click the tick box bellow the Google map -> click SAVE. If you decide to stop be available today before it ends -> EDIT your advert, click the box bellow the map again to empty it -> SAVE.

7. Maximum 5 photos per advert.

8. VIP advert: 25 British pounds per per advert

Your advert will be VIP for a month(main page):

My listing  -> VIP Button


My listing -> Edit advert -> VIP Button

You need to pay using your VISA card.


9. Verified – If you want to be verified:

Login -> My listings -> Edit -> click UPLOAD VERIFICATION IMAGE button and upload your verification photo.

You need to take a photo of you with a piece of paper.

– You face should be VISIBLE and the same as the photos from your advert.

– Write on the piece of paper your name and the current date.

– Photo should be less than 3 days old.

– Your photo will be checked and if it is the same as the photos at your advert it will be accpeted.

– Please NO ID, no Passport, no Driving Licenses, I do not need them.

– Your verification photo will be NOT visible on the website.


10. If you are using a stolen photos /not your photos/ your advert will be deleted !

11. There is no point to publish two adverts that are the same, for the same person and same photos. Just update your own advert.

12. If you advertising escort services: NO Phone Number -> NO Advert !


If you have some other questions or need some help using our website, you can always ask us for help in Contact form.