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Remember IMAM ! I told you I need to make love with hundreds of men to forget you and move on with my life and here I am selling my love to strangers!! Fuck u I am a very natural looking TS female no cilicon injected in my body or my face . I have been living as a female for more than 18 years almost all my life ( 🤣😂 ) don’t believe me am older than that . I am legally a woman but not a normal one ! A bit more than a girl. I am a highly educated girl , and currently a student on my way to get my third degree , I love studying, doing researches and reading. I am also a performer but currently i only love to perform on my bed. Am a slim girl and I wear size 6 to 8 ( I only eat bread , vegetables and fruits) I have been like this for the past 15 years 😁 I just hate blood and killing innocent animals for your belly to get bigger 🤣🥰!! I am hot and I know it !!! I hate doing make up but i love shopping and I almost do it on a daily basis. Dancing is the only daily exercise I love to do Plz don’t ask me a bout my sexuality because I am a shy chick annnnnd don’t fall in love with me because love is not for girls like me I am Arab mixed race and love is my only religion Oh I forgot to say I am a cat woman easy to get upset , I cry for no reasons sometimes and I can easily hide for weeks with silence

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